Saturday, June 24, 2006

Book that I read recently

The Diary Of A Young Girl by Anne Frank

Written by the young jewish girl who along with her family had to live in hiding for fear of being caught by Nazis almost for two years.

Poignant narration of horror filled days during the 2nd world war is very touching. The growing up years of a teenage girl during 1940’s in the troubled times where Jewish people were butchered in the concentration camps by Nazis. Her relationship with friends and her parents are simply told with socio political backdrop of a teenager's understanding. She shares her dreams (she aspired to be an actress in Hollywood) ,talks of her little friendships with boys of her age etc .The tragic death of this 14 year old spirited girl Anne Frank in Poland only recounted by witnesses and later recorded by her father who survived the camps proves that wars may be won and lost by nations , but the humanity is always a loser of such numerous young budding lives.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Separated at Birth?/////

How many times have we wondered about striking resemblances of faces.
watching French open I thought Roger Federer, the No 1 Tennis champion resembles Arbaaz Khan ,the actor (more than an actor we all know him as Salman’s brother and Malaika”s husband).
what do u all think

Friday, May 12, 2006

Democracy at work

What interested me these days was political scenario in Tamilnadu .
Full steam campaigning
promises-counter promises...freebies of color tv and pcs,rice and gold
and actor and actresses were roped in to campaign,caste feelings were aroused to persuade the voters....
and then
"one day elections "(one phase only)
and counting....
one party wins and a new regime takes over so smoothly....very few states have this distinction.
Tamil nadu voters are law abiding and it showed.

Hats Off to Sh.Naresh Gupta,the Chief Electoral Officer for T.N for conducting the same peacefully.

Surprises of this elcetion
Coalition govt,
emergence of vijaykanth and lok paritran
very strong opposition

Long Live Democracy!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Pilgrimage -KUMBAKONAM,Tamil nadu

I was on a visit to temples around Kumbakonam in Tamil nadu . These temples were built around 10th century as part of revival of Hinduism to check the spread of Jainism and Buddhism.
It was called the Bakthi movement. Many saints both Saivaits and vaisnavaits spear headed the movement rebuilding the temples and reviving the traditions of these temples, preaching to the people about the importance of faith through language and literature which rulers of the times like Cholas and Pallavas had promoted .
In the north, Chaitnya and others took the lead.
So the temples I went visiting are called in tamil as “ Padal Petra Thiruththalangal” ie these places had the significance of being sung in praise of the place and the deity by the 12 Alwars (for vaisnavism) and 64 Nayanmars (saivism ) and the God is said to have appeared to people those who had faith .
The names of these temples are
Ramasamy temple, Sarangapani temple, Kumbeswarar temple, Nageswara Swami temple, Patteswaram, Darasuram, Thiru Shakthi Mutram, Uppiliappan koil, Nachiyar koil.
Due to recent rains in the state, all the ponds and rivers were full. Lotus and Lillies in the ponds added beauty to the places.

Many French tourists were seen in these temples .It was nice to see them show so much interest in our culture and architecture

Monday, February 13, 2006

Two Scenes: What do u think?

Scene in a two bedded room of a Delhi hospital: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
I was visiting a friend of mine after her delivery. She had delivered a cute baby girl . There was another young lady sharing the room who had also delivered….but we all found her crying …mother and her baby are healthy and safe yet she was crying …people around her (in laws ) were grim.. learnt later that she was upset as the baby was a female baby.

And there , we saw the infant" smiling" at all of us unaware of the "welcome".

Another scene in an office bus:
One evening, we (staff) were returning home in Office bus. One middle aged lady (who had been posted in various countries like U.S, Nepal etc) opened her bag, took out a banana and had it …(Obviously after a hard day's work, she was feeling hungry).
and then she wanted to dispose off the banana skin ….she thought for a second ….
and said “ While in India , Be like an Indian” and opened the window of the bus and threw it happily on the road.
Discipline is individual in a country specific or country specific?
hypocrazy at its best?!

Monday, February 06, 2006


Great theme :
what do we do when we hear of the ills ,corruption of our country:
Crib , crib and give up, this movies says “ do something about it” which is the need of the hour.

Good narration :…the link to the rebels of Indian freedom movement is a new thought.

Music: ARR excels … some songs have been wasted .....not done justice to them....but it is okay.

Cast ; All the actors have done well . Aamir keeps his promise so also the others have done justice to their roles,except Soha.
However it is not flawless…..

But, the effort covers it all at the end.
It requires courage to make such films in the present context.
Hats off to Rakesh Mehra...

Sunday, February 05, 2006


The official closing ceremony of Indian Republic Day celebrations on 29 th January every year is a special occassion on a national calender.The idea of Beating retreat which is planned at the dusk of the day is taken from the olden day war ethics where guns fall silent after the sun set with the Army band music.
The ambience of the Raisna hill in the Vijay Chowk of the Capital is a wonderful setting where the decorated camels take guard.The bands of Army,Navy and Air Force played the various tunes including Sareh Jahan Se Achha,Kadam Kadam Badeye Ja and the National Anthem.The drummers were the best..
The President Abdul kalam took the salute.
Once the music ends then comes the light....the entire area...Raisna hill,the Rastrapathi Bhavan and the Parliament is illuminated ...The view is breathtaking ..and the reflection in the nearby fountains of the lit area is just beautiful.
The event was a treat to one's eyes and ears.

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